Testimonial Writing

homeCompany needs testimonials to promote their products and their brand name. Writing a testimonial of a certain brand or a product for a particular company may seem to be very simple and easy. You may start to write but your pen will not move because you will become short of questions and answers. You will not know how to begin.

It Is Simple To Start

Stand in front of a mirror and pretend your image in front of you, on the mirror, to be the prospect. Start questioning your image about the product in a dialogue form by asking the questions yourself. Start replying to the question by imagining your image as the responder. This is a very easy way to start to gain momentum. You can take a piece of paper and write down the questions and answers as you are talking to yourself. When you complete this you may send these testimonials to your client.

No doubt testimonials should not just be emarginated and written down as if out of a dream. You need to give facts. The product can be promoted on the basis of truth and real experiences. You may get a friend to sit down with you and ask him a few questions about a product that he has had experience with. You may even do a video recording of the same. And later on type it out and mail the same to your client. This makes a better idea to win the praise of your superiors or clients.

Make A Questionnaire

You can start to make a questionnaire by jotting down questions number wise, say for example what prompted the prospect to purchase the product. How he felt on purchasing the product, what was according to him the best feature of the product and many more such questions. Once you have completed the format of questionnaire you can make a proper testimonial out of it and post it to your client.

Testimonials should be very specific in details and all comments should be supported by proofs. You cannot be vague in your testimonials. If you have a visual proof of the testimonial it will add more power to it and earn you a pat on the back. A written testimonial with video coverage is the perfect way to promote a product.


Remember testimonial that is honestly prepared have more weight-age than imaginative ones. You should write in your testimonial only those things that you have experience or have facts to back them up. The more truth in it, the more visitors will come to your site. You have to plan it and do it the right way to gain traffic on the search engines.

When you write a testimonial, you should try to write exactly what you experience about the service of the products. Write exactly what information you have received from others experiences about the same. Services offered by Global Connections ensure that your testimonials are very much appreciated by the company.